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Windows Demo

Download the latest Windows release demo of the Visual Classroom Scheduler now.

This will automatically run or install the 2Mb VCS demo for you - fast!
Installing VSS will allow you to run VSS from your computer, without the Internet.
Running VSS here,you accept the VSS standard license conditions.

The install uses a VisualScheduling.jar, a java executable.
Java is the language of the Internet and is used to run billions of applications.
If you don't have java installed, you will need to install it free from Oracle.
Download Java now!

Select the 'Windows Online' option, no need to 'restart'.

Click this link to download the demo VCS Demo Download
Then click [Keep] to see the [VisualScheduling.jar] button lower left of screen.
Click [VisualScheduling.jar] to open and run VCS.

VSS will start straight away, and the [Help] page will be shown.
Later, to access and run the VSS demo - do the usual thing -

Click on the desktop icon, [Visual Scheduling] or
Click on your Windows [Start] button, then
select [Visual Classroom Scheduler] from your program list.

Special tips - use the VCS Help menu to step through the VCS demo -
or use
VCS Demo Help from here.

See Samples for sample timetables, reports, summaries, and graphics.

Please email your questions or comments and details to obtain pricing information for your Department, School, College, Institute or University to:
VSS Customer Service

TEL +(61) 414 792 703
+ is your international dialling code eg 00

in Australia, call 0414 792 703,
Email/Text: Sales@vss.com.au