The Visual Classroom Scheduler for Windows options include:
  • VCS250 Single Licence System for College Sections and University Departments
  • VCS1000 single licence system for smaller Colleges
  • VCS3000 single licence system for larger colleges and universities
  • VCS Campus systems including training and support for all Departments

    Campus systems allow unlimited use of any of the models supplied, Campus merging systems, plus a VCS Level 1 Training Pack and Licence.

    VCS Implementation Co-ordinators are available to set-up your Campus data, train the staff, and maximise benefits faster for you and your staff.

    All clients receive free version upgrades during the calendar year of purchase.
    Ongoing software maintenance, upgrades and support is then 15% per annum.

    VCS250 Timetabling models save time and effort and produce a far better result for staff, students and section schedulers. Save up to 80% of manual scheduling time. Increase room usage by 10%-20%. Teaching staff love it.

    Campus models have merge / distribute capability, links to local masterfiles and considerable savings potential with room usage savings, computer room replacement savings, course and subject costing, increased efficiency and improved access and satisfaction of Teaching Staff, Students and Campus management.

    Make a huge return on your investment in the first semester.
    VCS Implementation Co-ordinators are available to provide the experience and techniques to maximise return on investment without effort or pain.

    Minimum requirements PC with 2Mb RAM, 3Mb Disk Space.
    Larger Campus models require more power and RAM to perform faster.
    VCS is written in Java for Windows NT or 2000, XP, ME, 2003, Vista, Windows 10, etc.
    Midrange and mainframe operating systems on application.

    Files can be networked across LANs or stored locally.
    Timetables can be saved in HTML format for Internet publication.
    Pricing below is discounted for internet transactions and available for 30 days from date of viewing and then subject to change.
    Payment by cheque, money order, Visa/Mastercard or direct debit to the VSS bank account.
    NB Visa/MC payments may be limited to $1000 for clients without PayPal accounts.
    Demo systems can be used to begin creating your schedule.
    Activation files or hyperlinks can be sent via email within 24 hours of payment receipt.
    Please email for special pricing currencies - we use

    VCS Price list
    Single Timetabling Licence.
    Creates schedules with up to 250 classes / week.
    Preferred by all Teaching and Scheduling staff with large or small departments or sections.
    Free maintenance, support and upgrades this year.
    Includes VCSViewer System for all other staff.
    Single Timetabling Licence,
    creates up to 1000 classes per week.
    Suitable for Faculties, Small Colleges, and Schools.
    Free maintenance, support and all upgrades this year.
    Includes VCSViewer System for all other staff.
    $1,290 $200
    Single User Licence,
    Creates up to 3000 classes per week.
    Recommended for Campuses, Larger Colleges and Schools.
    Free maintenance, support and all upgrades this year
    Includes VCSViewer System for all other staff.
    $2,490 $400
    Institute /
    Site /
    Multi Section / Department Campus Licence
    Discounted licenses and training packs
    Install multiple VCS models including VCS 3000.
    Includes all available VCS Training Packs, Implementation Plans etc.
    Recommended for Campus Institutions.
    Free maintenance, support and all upgrades this year
    $POA $POA $POA
    Special Options
    Special quotations for Faculty Licences or Multi-Site Licences, VCS Implementation co-ordinators etc
    Install multiple VCS models including VCS 3000 as required. Include VCS Training Packs, Implementation Plans as required.
    Tailor VCS options to suit your needs and timeframes.
    Maintenance and support and upgrades as required
    $POA $POA $POA

    Other payment methods and currencies accepted! We use
    E-mail your order to VSS : Email VSS

    Try VCS - You'll love it!!

    Please place your order now (Credit Card, Direct Debit, Official order form, or check).

    Most VCS publications and manuals, Implementation Plans, Proposals etc can be downloaded from the VSS website.

    NOTE : VSS staff do not disclose the personal information of inquiries to anyone.

    Hot line Support for customer queries is available with up to 10 calls (or Emails) per user free.

    To order any of the packages listed above, make out your purchase order as follows:

    "1 x Visual 250 Visual Classroom Scheduler ..................$ 690.00"

    Your VCS demo system downloaded from the VSS website will be promptly activated by email.

    Fax or e-mail your order to VSS at: VCS Customer Service or send mail to

    Visual Scheduling Systems
    51 Carinya Road
    Picnic Point NSW 2213
    Sydney, Australia
    Tel + 61 414 792 703 (+ is your international dial code e.g. 001)

    Please send your questions or comments and details to obtain pricing information to suit your Department, School, College, Institute or University to: VCS Customer Service

    Visual Scheduling Systems,
    51 Carinya Road, Picnic Point,
    Sydney NSW 2213, Australia
    ABN 54 002 021 1212

    TEL + 61 414 792 703

    + is your international dialling code eg 001

    in Australia, call 0414 792 703