VSS Demo Download Information

Thanks for downloading!


PC Security Issues- Please OK all prompts eg

If you see a small 'Visual Scheduling' box left, bottom of screen....
Click it to [Run] or [Save]
the VCS download file -

Otherwise.... Check for messages at the top of your screen like
"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage.....
from running scripts (like download a file)... Click here for options.. or"
"Do you want to run the application?"
Please tick the box or click on this area and
then click "Allowed blocked content.... " or "Download file"
Are you sure.. click [Yes]"

VCS can be trusted!!
We've been in business for 15 years our phone/address are on our web-site.
Please click to download VSS Demo immediately and ...
click 'More Info' then [Run anyway] if 'Windows protected your PC message!

No Luck??
You may need assistance from your 'Technical Support'
person, as they may block down loads....

mmm Try this quick demo down load link.... download VSS Demo jar

Java not installed issue
Java is the programming language of the Internet
It is used by VCS and in millions of computers world-wide.
If your VCS Scheduler won't run....
Click to test if java installed from the secure Oracle/Sun web-site.

Download either the 'Windows Offline (32-bit)
or the 'Windows Offline (64-bit) java. See the info...
'We have detected you may be viewing this page in a 64-bit browser.'
When installing, Please use the[Run] option. (other is too much trouble)
Click Start java download to install the latest 64-bit Oracle/Sun runtime now!

Firewall Issue
If your firewall protection means you are unable to download an .exe, file,
We do have another download with a different extension.
Please email request for a link to a .zip and .exe.doc extension.
Or [Save] the "VCS Cloud' Demo" version to your 'Desktop' for easy retrieval!
Note, as above, VCS needs java installed to run this 'Cloud' version also!

Install Instructions
Select the "run" option or double click on the VCSDemo.jar file to install.
Please accept all prompts and default directories.
VCS requires about 4Mb of disk space and take about 1-2 minutes.
Although this installation is for IBM PCs,
VCS can be installed on Mac OS10 and unix and other platforms.
Please obtain information from VSS above.

Using VCS for Windows

After installation is complete....
A VCS Help file will appear and remain on your task bar.
The VCS Demo should load and display on screen....

Access/run VSS from the 'Windows Desktop' - just
click on the [Visual Scheduling] icon or

Click on the Windows [Start] button at the bottom left of screen.
Select [Visual Classroom Scheduler]

The program loading will then commence and the demo file will be displayed.

Other demo files are included for US Colleges and Universities and Schools
Use the File menu and select one of the files shown there

On screen, is the "Class" view, one of the 3-D dimensional VCS Views
Other 3-D views are "Room" or "Instructor" view

Please move the mouse around to display details of classes on the screen.
Class activites are colored according to the [Color] type.
The Color menu allows selection of subject color or room color etc

The wider activities are longer classes eg 3 hours - smaller 2 hours etc
Mouse-over the classes to reveal class details and action options.
Press 1 for 1 o'clock start, 9 for 9am start etc
Activities can be click, drag and dropped to other rows or days.
Click, hold and drag the mouse and class to another position on the screen.
Let go to re-allocate the class.
Swap classes around easily!
Fix clashes easily!
Optimise, implement preferences easily!

Try "View", "Rooms" to see all rooming clearly. Drag & drop to re-allocate.
Try "View", "Instructors". See teaching allocations - drag & drop to re-allocate.
Try "View" "Statistics", or "File", "Print" "Timetable" preview options.

Try the VCS Quick Demo Help file
Try some of the Main Menu selections to see the effects -
You cannot hurt the demo.... go for it.

There is a zipped up VCS User Manual on the web http://vss.com.au/VCSManual.zip
Open it up and read through the details - it is very easy really -
There is a http://www.vss.com.au/help.htm on the web - try it.... and news.htm

Special tips - use the VCS Help menu to step through the VCS demo -
or view and print
VCS Demo Help from here.

VSS has a wealth of experience and our staff are only too eager to help ....
Please e-mail or write to us - please telephone us 24 hours....
We are waiting for your call ..... and your order.....

Having trouble - don't give up - just call..

kind regards and thanks again for using the Visual Classroom Demo.....