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VSS Data Entry Information

The Visual Classroom Scheduler comes in several capacity options to suit class and student numbers.

To assist with initial start-up, there are matching VSS Data Entry services to load your existing or proposed timetable into the VSS file format.

Line by line spreadsheet timetables are preferred. Other hand-written, MS-Word, graphic design etc timetables, are also acceptable - either emailed or faxed to VSS .

Your details will be keyed into a VSS spreadsheet format, checked and imported into VSS. The VSS spreadsheet and VSS data file will then be returned to you.

VSS accepts no responsiblility for data errors in details supplied.
Corrections, investigations, reviews of data entry provided will all attract an additional charge for each request.
This VSS Data Entry service is intended to assist with initial VSS start-up, if you need a different time-tabling service, email VSS at VSS TT Services

Client's line by line spreadsheet timetables are generally much easier and far quicker to enter as they are more legible, accurate and contain all relevant data, such as Subject, Room, Teacher, Class group, Day, time start, time finish, date start, date finish.

Client's hand-written, MS-Word or grapic design timetables take more time and generally contain many more errors. No responsibilty is accepted by VSS for legibility or mispelling of details received.

Most spelling errors are easily corrected in the VSS system by clicking on the name column. Session times are easily corrected in VSS also, using the VSS Hot Keys to change starting time. Semester start and end dates set-up in VSS Edit, Settings, can optionally change all events to start and end on those Semester dates.

Note Data entered here can be seen, but not printed in the VCS Demo.

Timetable Data Format Supplied

Deptartment or Teaching Section Data Entry - 250 max
Line by line spreadsheet data.
Details such as Room, Teacher, Subject, Class, Day, Time Start, Time Finish, Date start, date finish.
Days can be 1,2,4 or M,T,F or 1-4

Department or Teaching Section Data Entry - 250 max
Other Timetable data. Hand written, MS-Word etc
Missing details will be defaulted (Room, Teacher, Subject, Class, Day, Time Start, Time Finish, Date start, finish etc.
PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard and is an internationally accepted secure service.
Purchase orders or Bank to Bank transfers accepted. Please pay before data entry.

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Please email your questions or comments and details to obtain pricing information for your Department, School, College, Institute or University to:
VSS Customer Service