New! Windows Demo

New!! - Download the new Windows release demo of the Visual Classroom Scheduler now.
This will automatically install the 5Mb VCS demo for you - no worries!
Takes a minute or two. Take a little break....

Of the two download options, we recommend "Run this program from the current location"....
I think it's slightly easier than the "Save to Disk" option....
Please accept the standard license conditions - using the [Next] button all the time.
It's a snap! If your network is unable to download .exe files, - use the VSS latest zipped download.

Send your comments and details to obtain pricing information to suit your Department, School, College, Institute or University to VCS Customer Service

Click here to download the demo

To access and run the demo - do the usual thing - click on your Windows "Start" button,
select "Programs" and choose "Visual Classroom Scheduler" from your program list.

Special tips - use the VCS Help menu to step through the VCS demo - or use VCS Demo Help from here.

See Samples for sample timetables, reports, summaries, and graphics.