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Importing and Updating Data from a Spreadsheet

VCS for Windows has Import / Export functions on the File menu.
The Importing process is a little tricky and does not contain all the data needed to completely reconstruct an exported VCS schedule the way you left it.
Column and data formatting are critical so export a VCS file first - as a template. Importing is really only recommended for experienced Campus Co-ordinators.
Data or heading / column errors or omissions may not allow the file to load, and individual records may be excluded for data errors.
With the dire warnings out of the way - let us press on regardless with a happy heart.

The import program expects data in a particular format.
It is exactly the same format that the export program creates spreadsheet data.

1. The file must be a comma delimited text file (*.txt - not an .XLS file etc)
2. The program expects a file with 4 lines with data and 1 blank line before headings.
3. The column headings on the 6th line must be in the same order as the export file.
4. All columns and headings must be present.
5. The program expects valid data in Day, Start, Finish, Start Wk, End Wk cols.
6. The program expects a number (even zero) in all the type, value and qty cols.
7. The program will update every type, value and qty it reads - so data in the last record for that room or class etc is the one finally used in VCS. You have been warned!
e.g. An import with zero room capacities will wipe out existing room capacity data. Ditto for types, class quantities, teacher salaries, room costs etc.
To avoid this problem - export the current data from VCS, paste the new data in front of the exported data and then import it all.
8. Data is optional (blanks) in the Faculty, Room, Teacher, Subject, Class columns and Duration and Rollbook columns.

Faculty or Teaching Section Name is used by the Writeback and Color Faculty functions.
Recommend keep it short for timetable prints in small columns
Room Name - Recommend Room number e.g. A1.13 and brief descriptor.
A1.13 LECTURE, G1.03 CHEM, .
Teacher / Instructor
Teacher / Instructor / Lecturer Name - Recommend SURNAME, FIRST NAME.
First then Surname can also be used. Screens and prints sequence alphabetically.
Subject / Activity
Name of subject / module or activity. e.g. 2250B Phys II
Recommend Number and space follwed by brief descriptor.
Class Group
Name of Class group. 2250 Science D1.
Recommend Course number, Brief Descriptor and group suffix if more than 1 group or stage / year.
Number of the day of the week - Monday is day 1, Tuesday is day 2.
Start Time / Finish Time
Class start / finish time in 24 hour format with colon separator e.g. 9:00 or 14:35 or 11.23.
Start Week / End Week
Begin and ending week number for classes - annual calendar week numbers are recommended. (Semester week numbers can be used - e.g. Wk 1 to Wk 20, however break weeks and public holidays cannot then be scheduled).
Exported Class / activity duration in hours - not used for importing
Roll Book
Optional Roll or other descriptor / marking number for this class group activity.

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