VSS Campus Management Services

What do we do?

We manage accommodation allocations and timetables.

We use timetables to deliver Campus objectives such as teaching budgets and SCH targets.

We manage special projects e.g. IT Strategic Planning, equipment surveys, installations.

We aim for net annual returns of 3% with 10% more students and significant other benefits.

How do we do it?

We discuss and agree potential savings and returns at each Campus

We outline a plan or proposal to deliver these returns and other benefits

We agree a management plan to monitor progress and returns at low risk.

We would like an opportunity to talk about potential savings and extra students for your Campus.

When do we do it?

We start right away and to firm up potential savings and returns and prepare our proposal and management plan. This takes less than a week with good access to suitable information and Campus Management

We then gather detailed information on Campus accommodation, courses, teaching departments, staff and budget allocations.

We consolidate and match timetable details with available accommodation, budget allocations, teaching awards and targets. Opportunities for improvements to these plans are discussed and reviewed.

We monitor enrolment processes to ensure plans are met or appropriately modified to maintain budgets and targets. Following enrolments, we report on section and Campus budget progress and targets.

We monitor accommodation usage and student attrition to eliminate phantom classes and collapse undersize classes. Classes can be moved to the best available accommodation.

We plan and recommend next semesterís accommodation allocations, refurbishment and equipment upgrades.

We review accommodation usage, capital budgets, educational plans and staff requests and suggestions.

We consider all factors and consult with all interested parties.

We make recommendations and alternatives for the Academic Board.

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